Have you reached the “Upper Limits’ of your potential?

Are you living the life that you want to live? Do you have the freedom to do what you want to do when you want to do it? Are you making the kind of money that you want to make? Do you live in the house of your dreams?  If you answered no to any of these questions then you are at the right place and your new life starts today.

My name is Joe Hauser and in 2010 I founded the Upper Limits Institute to help ordinary people like yourself reach the Upper Limits of their potential and achieve the life that they want and deserve. No matter what anyone tells you we all have limits in our lives but those limits can be easily over come as you take control of your life and your destiny.

When you are hired for a new job many times you don’t have any experience in doing that job but the person who hired you felt that you had the potential to do it. They saw something in you. In the beginning you are limited because of your lack of training and knowledge about the new position but you have lots of enthusiasm and are interested in getting ahead. You may also have had a little fear or apprehension about your new position but the boss assigns another more experienced employee to train you and bring you up to speed. After a few weeks you feel pretty comfortable in the position and your boss is happy that she hired you.  A few months later you are an expert and soon you are training the new hires that come in. By years end or sooner you are ready for a promotion. 

What happened here? When you came in you were limited by a lack of knowledge and experience but as you gained that knowledge you started to move up and those initial limits started to fall away. Hopefully you got promoted and then the whole process starts again.  Now you are starting to move to the Upper Limits of your potential.  Or are you?

Wait a minute. Did you answer no to any of the first questions that I asked you? That’s right, you did. So what’s the problem? Let me give you a hint.  Hello, you are working for someone else rather than yourself. You are making a living and you are at the mercy of the corporate structure that you are working in. You may have lots more potential but you are restricted because the promotions are fewer and farther between the higher you go up in the company. Some of you may still be working in that entry level dead end job that you started in. You know that you have more potential but you can afford to quit because you need the money. We have all been there at one time or another and it sucks.

Years ago I was just like you. I was hired as a manager trainee in one of the world’s largest corporations.  I graduated from the Executive Management Training program and soon received my first management assignment. I had lots of enthusiasm and drive and was promoted several times. Seventeen years later I was a Regional Manager responsible for billions of dollars of assets. I was at the top of my game and then it happened.

The company decided to consolidate its operations in face of an economic down turn just like the one we are going through now. I was offered the opportunity to take a position in the main offices in a large city in the east or take a buyout.  Being a west coast native I didn’t want to move my family back east so the decision was easy and I took a year’s pay and benefits. After that I started the whole process over again and it seems like every time that I started to get ahead something would go wrong. I was not happy but then one day I remember something that I read years before. Joe Karbo wrote it in his book titled “The lazy man’s way to riches” and it stated:

“Most people are too busy earning a living to make any money”

That is a power full statement and it hits home for many of you that are reading this. I know it did for me.  It took me a while to start working for myself but now I make more money in six months than I used to in a year. I am going to give you another powerful statement and you may have read it before or something like it.

“If you keep doing what you’re doing you will keep getting the same results”

I am not sure who said that, but it makes sense. Many of you are at the same place in your life now that I was in years ago and its times for a change.  It doesn’t matter if you own your own business or you are working for someone else I can help guide you to the Upper Limits of your potential.  Think of me as that employee who trained you in your first job. We all have the ability to do better and be more successful but sometimes we need a little help to get there. Over time I will offer you what you need in order to improve your life and your financial situation and the best part is that you can do it from home and still keep your old job for awhile. 

Think of the knowledge and training that I am going to give you as a bridge from where you are now to where you want to be in your new life. Right now you have the opportunity to act on the life changing principles and programs that I am going to provide for you or you can return to your old way of living. The choice is yours and I know that you will make the right decision.

Over the next few months I will offer you an opportunity to be successful and live the life that you want and deserve.  I have had some awesome mentors who have helped me on my road to success and a couple of them have agreed to help me help you.  As my son Matt always says, “It all good Dad” and so it is.  Sign up for my next blog and check back soon as I intend to offer you a free gift to get you started on your road to success.  Namaste, Joe

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